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Sovanindia With Love Created In India, Proud Yourself You Are The Indian....

About Sovanindia

Sovanindia blog is Indian blog.
It established on 2017 December.
Founded by sovan das.
A blogger who created many many Websites and blogs.
He like to write,making videos,website and love to read books.
His speech for his blog.
. *Feel Proud For Being Indian*,
You also feel your self for being indian,---------------
Hello Readers,
i am happy you are interested to know who am i behind this blog,
my full name is sovan das,
currently working with a private company in navi mumbai, rabale area,
my home town from west bengal, digha site,east midnapur,
i have completedd hsc from shipur k.b high school, egra city,
also started graduation in vidyasagar evening college kolkata,
but due to economic problem, i cant completed study,

Why Did I Created This Blog ?

  • its fun for me,
  • i dont need to pay anyone for writing contents in my blog,
  • even when i want i can read,write anything,
  • my main target of this this blog was to give people idea how they can earn money,
  • i can share my thoughts over internet
  • its make me happy while contacting with people via my live chat option on friday 06:30 Pm To 10:30 Pm
  • feels proud myself when someone says, bro you are so good,
  • never need to ask which content do i need to post, as you can see there are all type of contents here, tech videos,fun videos bengali & hindi,tours,motivational texts etc.
  • when i created the blog first designing was fun for me, but now writing is fun for me,
Who Inspired Me To Create This Blog ?
  • really no special person,blog,website,youtuber inspired me to create this blog,
Who Have Designed This Blog ?
  • This Blog Partially Customised By Myself, But Some Contents Got Developed By My Wife
Why There Are Every Contents More Than A Blog ?
  • Its Very Fun question when someone ask whick type of blog is that, Ofcource you also want to know, as you found its totally mix type of blog, every contents are here, as mentioned above,
  • as i have say my all posts are from myself or other guests, there are so many contents posts by guests from all over india,
Why I Choose To Create This Blog Mix Type ?

  • yeah there are no blog in this world who has all type mix contents
  • i am the only blogger who started his career with all type of post tech videos,fun videos bengali & hindi,tours,motivational texts etc.
  • there are no copyright issue
  • i have use dmca to protect my contents
Is That Blog Safe For You ?
    • hope you read all contents above
    • i have bought SSL Certificate To Serve You Better Browsing Experience
    • Also Added DMCA Protect To Hide My Content From Third Eyes
    • There Are No Special Permission Need To Read Our Articles even comments sectio added with annonymous systems and many more
    • no one can track you till you are reading our content in this blog,
    • there also you never can find any pop up ads, but somewhere you could see banner ads like online shopping sites etc, it helps me to maintain my server
    Did This Blog Need Money To Share My Posts ?
    • no i will never charge you to post in my blog
    • never i will send you any email to pay me,
    • i will never ask you over phone to pay at our any admins etc,
    Do I Earn Money To Writing Contents In My Blog ?
    • Ofcource Not, But Our Banner Ads Helps Me To Maintain And Pay To My Servers
    Does My Blog Copy Any Contents From Your Phone/mobile/tablet/computer ?
    • never we dont store any traffic controlling software to track my visitor,
    • we / admins even never ask to share your location,
    • never entertain those who ask anything related to my blog

    ----------------------------Thanks For Be A Part Of My Blog---------------

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