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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Indian bengali children/boys Lifestyle Old 1947 - 2020

This Post Written By Swapan Mondal:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Hi.....this is my first post of this blog,please comment and support me......................................................................................

Have You Ever Seen These Photos Of Our Pride "INDIA / BANGLADESH", May be you have seen,
But Do You Know After Mostly 10 Years Thats Ofcource 2028, these scenes we will nt exist,

how was our old life as i am 90s bengali person,we may forget these thing but today these forgetten memories will restore again,

Lets Explained the pictures of indian villagers lifestyle, 

1.  marbel khela: its was a very famous game for all in our childhood,

As i can remember we start the game in simple mode, after say three,six,nine,twelve,fourteen,eighteen, then game ends with Ket,
Three : in this ket game many type of game have the game,

2. Thats in my village we called finger jump : first see the below pic,

in this game two children will sit like above picture, first two leg will join, and the player have to jump over it,then over two leg one hand finger have to place like above, then two hand then another one both hand, then the player will jump one by one, if some one touch any time the finger/legs he/she will out of the game,,,,,,,,,, 

3. That's not game its  Chorui bhati : that was the my first food eating in a group in the jungle.
that's not a game, but really I enjoyed this as we are in group of friends gathered and statrt cooking in jungle, near of our houses,

4. Below Pic That's is Langol Chalano: in this pic we called it langol chalano, here we attach two cows in a solid bamboo with there neck, back side attached a solid metal for digging soils from fields,

5. below pic its called kanamachi: in this game we in some of friends gathered and select one friend for playing this game, here we choose any pne any tie up his/her eye with cloths, then we asked to touch any of us in a mentioned 6-8 feet area, we left him after circulating 4 to 5 time, then he forget where is he, then ask to touch one, if he/she could then the guy will tie with cloth,

6. Its Ice-cream Car: when i heard the sound of the ice cream seller, they play the thing we called DUGDUGI. It keep us notified that he sell ice-creams, we tried to see if there are any holes or cooling air wighther pasing from inside or not.

7. Bombay laddo : below pic called bombay laddo (inside The box),I dont know how does they made this, But it was our favourite one, 

[All texts credit are belongs to mr. swapan mondal, some of pictures credit goes to Orpa Rony,if you are owner of texts/pics let contact us by our contact page, as we are protected by dmca your photos/texts will removed automatically by DMCA department, telecom department communication. Govt of india,]

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