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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Why Your Business Need A Websites Must

Now a day we are just fully covered with websites over more than crore [1.8 billions] of websites:
Now in this world according to the calculation of 2017 was over 332.4 millions,
Then in the same year there were over 1.8 billions of websites,

Domains : it’s a name of your business/organization/blog etc, 
Example :- Sovanindia.in that’s called domain, without a domain you cant create a website, if you want to host it in your own pc then you have to open pc/laptop for lifetime, and there you cant show your site live as us sovanindia.in, it will show as your ip Example :- etc,
That’s not look PROFESSIONAL,

Websites: A website never can create without a domain like we are http://www.sovanindia.in its our url, even you visit our domain with typing only sovanindia.in in your browser will be redirected to our above mentioned link http://www.sovanindia.in
If you typed the domain then you will go to our hosted server/website via our domain.

Lets discuss about the topic: Why All Small or big business need a website.

1: Customer Knowledge:

website is the main key to get customers from your country or out of your country, if you open a shop or doing a business without website only few local people will no about that business, but if you create a website then include local people your whole country will know about that, example: if you are doing business wholesale business of shirts, then people will search for buy shirt in whole sale price in google, then google or other search engine will show your business via you websites,

2: live 24x7 day :

If you are a human then its impossible to open your shop 24x7 days for customer queries, then obviously you have to appoint someone in your business for that, if you are small shop keeper then its impossible to appoint someone only for customer queries, yes every small business owner can do that by creating a website, its cost for big business you around 35000/- yearly for high quality website with SSL certificate/own business email id and unlimited pages etc, but small shop keeper can contact us for websites create just for rs 5000/- for first year with fully customized [no email id, only maintenance charges may be apply where ever applicable] no hidden cost,

Then if you just get your website with all of your product details ex:- memory card its price, warranty type ,brand, without a website if customer get only your phone number and ask you details if you get calls daily 100 then is 100 x 30 = 3000 calls monthly Oh my god its headache too, but no worry with website your customer get all the details and will call you when they order for the product,

3: Get Loans Very Quickly:

May be its don’t know over 99/100 peoples that while we apply for a loan,
There have the 70% chance to get loans very quickly, as I have noticed most
of time accounts dept / manager of the bank where you have applied for loan they check most of time your website as which type of product do you sell, they can understand the product sold by you how much it required in the market, if they found its enough to get loans very quickly,

4: Looks More Social With Social Sites :

When your customer find you on social media like facebook,youtube,pinterest,Vk etc via your websites, They attract to your business, as they can chat with you without calling, they can place order, can do complaint and other transaction detail related things etc,

5: Give Product Knowledge To Customer Without visit them :

As you read that, your customer visit your site get your product details with price and other details, they can buy it if you created the site with e-commerce type, even you can give offer to your website visitor,

6: Track Customer Interest :
You Could Track Your Customer by installing some tracking software on your website, the software enable you to get customer mobile number,location also
give you the details on which product are they interested about,so you will never lose a customer,

So Lets Do It, a single website for your business is not so costly but look your business more professional,

Have a nice time

Posted By Rajiv Yadav


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