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Thursday, 5 December 2019

5 Must Have Skill To Pass An Interview SImple And Effective Way

How To Be Passed In Any Interview Without Worry ?


     Today I will discuss about above topic but first I want to share my experience As I have worked before in a corrugated box manufacturing company as a fresher after that I leave the job, then I have interviewed in another 3 another company, they offered me more than I expected, first company was an a IT company but I am a non it person but they were ready to give the job without my IT experience, second company was a manufacturer of marine machineries, third one was a also manufacturing company of some kind of baby products,

1 .Dresses:-

You need to be dressed in formal dresses, If You don’t have the dress,

Need to be wear a clean dress,its better idea to avoid new dress, try to wear dresses used over 30 days, make sure its does not too fit or too loose,

Dresses must be full sleeve and normal dress,

2 .Be Confident:-

Never be nervous while talking with the interviewer person, never keep hand behind yourself, try to show your hand with your own unique think, its will help you to attract your interviewer person,
then you will be confident while talking with him, as he/she will see your hand,

3 .Try To Avoid No Speak:-

Always try to avoid NO Speech, most of time the interviewer hate it, then what to do if the employer/interviewer says low salary then what you have expected, try something another way like requesting *sir the salary you offering too low as I have my family here so please do something*,

You have to find the way how to avoid NO speech,

4 .Tell The Truth:-

Never give any wrong information about your past job,Like your salary reason of old job leaving,

Like I leaved my old job for too working hours more than 16 hours low salary very much pressures,

I have says all the thing to the interviewer, they impressed maybe so they offer me high salary

Note:- There No Need Any Special Requirement In any interview of a normal company, if there required some normal ENGLISH if you cant speak need to say I can understand but cant talk fluently,

Guaranteed You Will Be Selected

                   Posted By Aridndam Banerjee,,,,,

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