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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Why An Employee Leave His Job ? Does A Employer Know That ?

From A Employer : - [Avijit Kumar].

Why An Employee Leave His Job? Does A Employer Know That ?

Hello Guys,
today i am going to tell you about above subject,
if you fully read the article then sure no employee of your company will leave your organization till you close your company,
Ex:- THe motivational speaker SANDEEP MAHESWARI<.
lets talk about that-----

   Its Common Thing That An Employee Leave His Job With Notice Or WIthout Notice What Ever......

Things That An Employee Face In His Office First Day : -

1 - Its First Thing We Call That Given Respect To His Senior,

2 - Second thing is that he give respect to senior but he dont get that,

If First Day He/She Faces Badly Like This,
Then every time while he worked in future with the company, he will think about that once he dont get respect from senior/employer whatever else,

Why the employee [he/she] do not speak too much in office ?

Yes sometime you may be seen that a employee do not talking with anyone,
reason may be :-
1 - He/she facing family problem,
2 - He/she is in mental trouble,
3 - senior may be given too work thats not belongs to him,
4 - may be employer given unwanted work to him,

how an employer can knew that why the employee sit silently ?

its the first thing that every employer do wrong to undertand an good employee,

1  - the employer/manager asked directly to his co-workers [senior], and every senior [not everyone] say wrong things, thats the reason why the employer is silent [its the main thing while a employee facing problem when he/she want to leave the job]

When the employee leave the job directly without inform ?

1 - every human have problem in this world,
But most of time an employer dont try to understand that,
this reason is most happening thing when a employee leave the job,

2 - when the employee find that his employer misusing him/her, like not giving increament, while he is in trouble if he demand for loan for family,but dont get that, he feels bad from inside,its a common thing,
3 - then its called pressuring too much, that most of time in private company happened,
the employer give too much work but give salary too less,if the employee ask for increament you give something bad speeches or anything else,

Suggestion: - 1 - To Avoid these thing. employer should be talk freindly with his employee,
                        2 - never ask senior about junior worker how is he performing,
                       3 - employer should follow the employee with a cctv camera,
                       4 - if a junior employee dont go without completing his/her work after complete                                of  duty hours , honestly he/she is perfect for your company,

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